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Fiat PuntoWe have been repairing and reconditioning Fiat Punto electric columns for the last 5 years and believe that we have developed the best solution for your 'red light on and no power steering' failure on your Punto.

The Punto EPS steering system is flawed and prone to either intermittent or total failure in the following ways:

1. Motor failure - sometimes intermittent to begin with, always leads to terminal failure, due to components within the internal control board inside the motor burning out.
2. ECU failure - the ECU contains several chips which control both the function of the column and also the self test and failure system. One or more of these chips can fail and cause the system to shut down, sometimes the ECU can give an eroneous fault code that appears to be a motor failure if scanned, but is actually a fault of the ECU itself. Importantly the ECU also controls the left/right balance of the column and is used to calibrate the output from the torque/position sensor contained in the column, for this reason the ECU should be matched and calibrated to the torque sensor. For this reason we do not sell seperate ECU's as they need to be re-calibrated to the torque sensor on the column.

3. Torque and position sensor - this is inbuilt into the centre of the column and gives the ECU information on the position of the steering wheel and also how much assistance is required from the motor. The sensor can go out of balance causing the steering to become lighter in one direction, also it can fail to give a signal, which will cause the ECU to shut the system down. When a torque sensor is replaced the column needs to be re-calibrated to ensure it is in balance. We believe the only way to do this is for us to supply a complete column with all components tested and calibrated.

We sell 2 components to cure your electric power steering failure on Fiat Puntos:

A reconditioned motor
Rebuilt with new components and fully tested. Only buy this if you are 100% sure you only have a motor failure, be aware that only replacing the motor can still leave a high probability that the column may fail at a later date from either ECU or sensor failure.

A complete column
Rebuilt with new parts and fully tested, complete with motor, ECU and torque sensor. This really is the only way to 100% cure your steering failure and is our recommended option.

We can offer to diagnose your Punto EPS failure FREE OF CHARGE by plugging our latest diagnostic/scanner into your vehicle, it only takes 5 minutes and we can tell you what the problem is straight away. We have a fully equipped workshop and can offer a fitting service for either motors or complete columns at minimal cost, just phone and ask. All parts that we sell come come with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

As this page only provides a general overview of your steering problem, we would always recommend that you phone us on 0117 9602906 for a more accurate assessment and advice.


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