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What is Power Steering Reconditioning?

Reconditioning a power steering rack, pump or box is a process whereby a used unit is carefully cleaned, stripped, checked and rebuilt using new replacement parts, before being methodically tested to the highest standards.

At Western Power Steering we pride ourselves on the integrity of our reconditioning process and have 15 years of experience in providing this service to our customers.

Cleaning a power steering rack
All units are initially washed free of any dirt.
Stripping a power steering rack
Units are then completely stripped down.
washing a power steering rack
All component parts are then individually washed by hand.
Checking a power steering rack
All component parts are then carefully examined and checked. Any worn or defective parts are disposed of.
Rebuilding a power steering rack
Every unit is rebuilt by hand using new component parts.
Testing a power steering rack
Every unit is thoroughly tested on our test rig to the highest standards before being supplied or refitted for our customer.

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